Selection Ajax season 2023-24

All players who have played for Ajax 1 this season
Player Contract Type Team Contract From Contract To Loan Out From Loan Out To Matches Goals Yellow Red Remark
Chuba Akpom Contract A 2023-08-16 30 14
Gaston Avila Contract A 2023-08-22 8 2
Amourricho van Axel Dongen Contract A 5
Jaydon Amauri Banel Contract Youth A 6
Steven Berghuis Contract A 27 6 3 1
Steven Bergwijn Contract A 31 13 6 1
Branco van der Boomen Contract A 26 2 1
Carlos Borges Contract A 2023-08-03 30 3
Brian Brobbey Contract A 39 22 7
Kian Fitz-Jim Contract A 2023-08-30 2024-01-11 2
Anton Gaaei Contract A 2023-08-17 31 1 2
Mika Godts Contract A 16
Tristan Gooijer Contract Young 11
Jay Gorter Contract A 12
Jarrel Hato Contract A 42 1 7
Jordan Henderson Contract A 2024-01-18 9
Kristian Hlynsson Contract Young 29 7 3
Ahmetcan Kaplan Contract A 11 3 1
Davy Klaassen Contract A 2023-09-01 4 1
Mohammed Kudus Contract A 2023-08-27 3 4
Sivert Mannsverk Contract A 2023-09-01 13 4
Ar'jany Martha Contract Young 12
Yakov Medic Contract A 2023-08-06 9 1 2
Georges Mikautadze Contract Loan Out 2023-08-30 2024-01-04 9
Diant Ramaj Contract A 2023-08-03 26
Devyne Rensch Contract A 34 2 3 1
Julian Rijkhoff Contract Young 2024-02-01 8
Gerónimo Rulli Contract A 7
Anass Salah-Eddine Contract A 2024-02-01 9
Borna Sosa Contract A 2023-09-01 21 2
Josip Sutalo Contract A 2023-08-20 29 1 4
Benjamin Tahirović Contract A 34 2 4
Kenneth Taylor Contract A 42 7 5
Silvano Vos Contract A 14 4 1
Owen Wijndal Contract Loan Out 2023-09-05 4
Selection of Team A
Player Position Contract Type Contract From Contract To Loan Out From Loan Out To Remark
Jay Gorter Keeper Contract
Remko Pasveer Keeper Contract
Diant Ramaj Keeper Contract 2023-08-03
Gerónimo Rulli Keeper Contract
Edson Álvarez Defender Contract 2023-08-10
Gaston Avila Defender Contract 2023-08-22
Calvin Bassey Defender Contract 2023-07-28
Anton Gaaei Defender Contract 2023-08-17
Jarrel Hato Defender Contract
Ahmetcan Kaplan Defender Contract
Yakov Medic Defender Contract 2023-08-06
Kik Pierie Defender Contract 2023-07-11
Devyne Rensch Defender Contract
Anass Salah-Eddine Defender Contract 2024-02-01
Borna Sosa Defender Contract 2023-09-01
Josip Sutalo Defender Contract 2023-08-20
Jurriën Timber Defender Contract 2023-07-14
Branco van der Boomen Midfielder Contract
Kian Fitz-Jim Midfielder Contract 2023-08-30 2024-01-11
Jordan Henderson Midfielder Contract 2024-01-18
Davy Klaassen Midfielder Contract 2023-09-01
Mohammed Kudus Midfielder Contract 2023-08-27
Sivert Mannsverk Midfielder Contract 2023-09-01
Benjamin Tahirović Midfielder Contract
Kenneth Taylor Midfielder Contract
Silvano Vos Midfielder Contract
Chuba Akpom Forward Contract 2023-08-16
Amourricho van Axel Dongen Forward Contract
Steven Berghuis Forward Contract
Steven Bergwijn Forward Contract
Carlos Borges Forward Contract 2023-08-03
Brian Brobbey Forward Contract
Francisco Conceicao Forward Contract 2023-09-01
Mohamed Daramy Forward Contract 2023-08-11
Mika Godts Forward Contract
Dusan Tadic Forward Contract 2023-07-14
Selection of Team Young
Player Position Contract Type Contract From Contract To Loan Out From Loan Out To Remark
Tom de Graaff Keeper Contract
Sten Kremers Keeper Contract
Charlie Setford Keeper Contract
Oualid Agougil Defender Contract
Ethan Butera Defender Contract 2023-09-01
Tristan Gooijer Defender Contract
Diyae Jermoumi Defender Contract
Mateja Milovanovic Defender Contract
Raphaël Sarfo Defender Contract 2023-08-17
Steven van der Sloot Defender Contract
Neal Viereck Defender No Contract 2023-07-19
Rida Chahid Midfielder Contract 2023-08-17
Nassef Chourak Midfielder Contract 2023-08-17
Kristian Hlynsson Midfielder Contract
Stanis Idumbo Muzambo Midfielder Contract 2024-01-13
Gabriël Misehouy Midfielder Contract
Max de Waal Midfielder Contract 2023-07-12
Donny Warmerdam Midfielder Contract 2023-07-12
Yoram Boerhout Forward Contract
David Kalokoh Forward Contract
Ar'jany Martha Forward Contract
Julian Rijkhoff Forward Contract 2024-02-01
Selection of Team Loan Out
Player Position Contract Type Contract From Contract To Loan Out From Loan Out To Remark
Youri Baas Defender Contract
Jorge Sánchez Defender Contract 2023-08-29
Owen Wijndal Defender Contract 2023-09-05
Christian Rasmussen Midfielder Contract 2023-09-01
Naci Ünüvar Midfielder Contract
Georges Mikautadze Forward Contract 2023-08-30 2024-01-04
Selection of Team Youth
Player Position Contract Type Contract From Contract To Loan Out From Loan Out To Remark
Tommy Setford Keeper Contract
Gerald Alders Defender Contract 2023-07-28
Dies Janse Defender Contract 2023-08-30
Precious Ugwu Defender Contract 2023-07-28
Avery Appiah Midfielder Contract
Julian Brandes Midfielder Contract
Jan Faberski Midfielder Contract
Olaf Gorter Midfielder No Contract
Tijn Peters Midfielder No Contract
Damian van der Vaart Midfielder Contract 2023-09-06
Mark Verkuijl Midfielder Contract
Jay Enem Forward No Contract
Don-Angelo Konadu Forward Contract
Haniel Pereira da Gama Forward No Contract
Emre Ünüvar Forward Contract 2023-07-31
Skye Vink Forward No Contract
Kayden Wolff Forward Contract
Selection of Team Youth A
Player Position Contract Type Contract From Contract To Loan Out From Loan Out To Remark
Olivier Aertssen Defender Contract
Lucas Jetten Defender Contract
Nick Verschuren Defender Contract 2023-08-18
Jaydon Amauri Banel Forward Contract
Selection of Team Youth A2
Player Position Contract Type Contract From Contract To Loan Out From Loan Out To Remark
Miguel João da Silva Forward Contract
Selection of Team Youth B
Player Position Contract Type Contract From Contract To Loan Out From Loan Out To Remark
Alvaro Henry Defender Contract
Lasse Abildgaard Midfielder Contract 2023-07-21
Rico Speksnijder Midfielder Contract
Others active at Ajax
Player Role Contract Type Contract From Contract To Remark
Marijn Beuker Director of Football Contract 2023-12-01
Stan Bijl Youth coach Contract
Danny Blind Commissioner Contract 2023-12-27
Urby Emanuelson Assistant coach Contract 2023-07-17
Cedric van der Gun Youth coach Contract
Jan van Halst Commissioner Contract 2023-09-03
Jan van Halst General director Contract 2023-09-04 2024-03-14
Michel Kreek LoanCoach Contract
Alex Kroes General director Contract 2023-03-15
Kelvin de Lang Scouting Coordinator Contract 2023-08-04
Hedwiges Maduro Assistant coach Contract
Hedwiges Maduro Head coach Contract 2023-10-23 2023-10-30
Sven Mislintat Technical director Contract
Martijn Reuser Youth coach Contract
Anton Scheutjens Keeper trainer Contract
John van 't Schip Head coach Contract 2023-10-30
Alessandro Schoenmaker Performance Coach Contract
Jan Siemerink Team Manager Contract
Maurice Steijn Head coach Contract 2023-10-23
Dave Vos Youth coach Contract
Richard Witschge Individual Technical Coach Contract