Our mission is to provide an as complete as possible online Ajax archive, with a focus on the offcial matches played by Ajax and the soccer players who played for Ajax

In our experience such a website does not yet exist. The website www.Ajax.nl offers little structural info about players and in our eyes the information about played matches is too often incomplete or incorrect.

Other websites such as www.vi.nl and www.footballdatabase.eu are in our experience not more complete or more correct. Websites like ajax.netwerk.to have a strong focus on the here and now and do not go back far or offer historical information in a structural way.

With www.AFC-Ajax.info we use the soccer players and played matches as basis, to generate numerous overviews.

You can start out at a certain detail (for example a season, soccer player, or match) and investigate what else happened (who were the topscorers in that season, how many matches did that player play, which other confrontations where there with that club), as well as start with the so-called record lists, and not only find out for example who made the youngest goal scoring Eredivisie debut, but also easily investigate why for example Clarence Seedorf does not appear in that list. You cannot only find out which 463 Eredivisie matches Sjaak Swart played for Ajax, but also why (passed over because of contract renewal negotiations, injury) he did not play certain matches.

Our focus is the statistics, but in addition we also want to bring news, links to match reports, and videos of summaries or complete matches. For these external links we mainly use material from www.Ajax.nl.

Eventhough we try to provide news in a timely manner, our focus is much more on correctness and relevance. You will typically not find a lot of rumors on this website, nor will we provide news as fast as some other websites.