Data Sources


We used a diverse set of data sources for composing and checking of the Ajax data that form the core of this website.
A very important source, or actually a collection of sources, was the online newspaper archive of the Dutch Royal Library, currently hosted via Delpher ( This is used as main source for the period for which we had less detailed information available (1900-1995)
Next to that a whole series of other websites have been used to check information, most notably,,,
Our initial focus was the period 1956 (start of Eredivisie) to current, mostly because for this period complete and reliable information was available. Afterwars we started filling in data before this period and we feel, not in the least thanks to some other Ajax enthousiasts, we have come quite far.
For the period since 1956 we suspect to be complete and correct about the official matches played by Ajax (inclusief lineups) and the players who were under contract by Ajax for each season. Concerning substitutes, goals, red cards and penalties we expect to be 98-100 percent complete and correct. Concerning assists, yellow cards and similar match details our archive is as of yet rather incomplete. With respect to the period before 1956 we suspect we are close to complete when it comes to the official matches that have been played and the results of those matches, but with respect to the lineups and goalscorers there is still quite some information missing.
We have chosen to provide a link, where available, to the (Dutch) wikipedia page of soccer players. For those less experienced with wikipedia, we advise to not regard the information found via those links as The Truth. Based on our own researcg, especially when it comes to statistical information of Ajax, it is too often incorrect.


For people and matches we display photos, as far as they are available to us. Where available we pay attention to not violate any copyrights when placing photos, and we also mention, in cases where it is known to us, the photograper, owner and source of the photos. In case there are situations in which we used your photos illegitimate, please let us known and we will remove them.