David Endt


Player Information
Name David Endt
Born on
Nationality Netherlands
Role Soccer Player (Unknown) - Editor - Press Secretary - Team Manager
Wikipedia Link David Endt
Club A.F.C. Ajax
Last Known Club DWV
Often played with Paul de Jong - Pim van Dord - Piet Keizer - Horst Blankenburg - Arno Steffenhagen - Wim Suurbier - Arie Haan - Ruud Krol - Ruud Geels - Johnny Dusbaba
Seasons matches and goals per competition
Season Comp. Comp. Play Off Dutch Cup Europa Other Off. Off. Mat. Friendly Total
Mat Goals Mat Goals Mat Goals Mat Goals Mat Goals Mat Goals Mat Goals Mat Goals
1974-75 1 1
Total 1 1


Previous Club Next Club Type Announced Start Duration End Amount Remark
Unknown Ajax Joins youth academy
Ajax Ajax Signs first contract 1/1/1974
Ajax DWV Transfer 7/1/1977



Season (Soccer Player)
Season Contract Type Team Contract From Contract To Loan Out From Loan Out To Remark
1972-73 Amateur Unknown
1973-74 Unknown C
1974-75 Contract C
1975-76 Contract Unknown
Season (Other Role)
Season Role Contract Type Contract From Contract To Remark
1989-90 Editor Contract
1990-91 Editor Contract
1991-92 Editor Contract
1992-93 Editor Contract
1993-94 Press Secretary Contract
1994-95 Press Secretary Contract
1995-96 Press Secretary Contract
1996-97 Press Secretary Contract
1997-98 Team Manager Contract
1998-99 Team Manager Contract
1999-00 Team Manager Contract
2000-01 Team Manager Contract
2001-02 Team Manager Contract
2002-03 Team Manager Contract
2003-04 Team Manager Contract
2004-05 Team Manager Contract
2005-06 Team Manager Contract
2006-07 Team Manager Contract
2007-08 Team Manager Contract
2008-09 Team Manager Contract
2009-10 Team Manager Contract
2010-11 Team Manager Contract
2011-12 Team Manager Contract
2012-13 Team Manager Contract

Match details

Match Details per Period
Minute Goals Assists Yellow Red Substitute Out Substitute In


All matches

Match Details
Season Date Competition Match Active Remark Min Goals Yellow Red 2nd Yellow
1974-75 8/1/1974 Friendly Asser Combinatie - Ajax 1 - 8 (1 - 3) Bench 44

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