Germinal Beerschot

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Club Germinal Beerschot
Location Belgium

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Germinal Beerschot Players

Players who went directly from Ajax to Germinal Beerschot
Player Type Announced Start Duration End Amount Remark
Yama Sharifi Transfer 2005-01-01
Daniel Cruz Transfer 2004-07-01
Daniel Cruz Loan start 2003-07-01 2004-06-30
Daniel Cruz Loan start 2003-01-14 2003-01-14 2003-06-30
Anthony Obodai Loan start 2002-07-01
Kwame Quansah Loan start 2002-07-01
Bram Verbist Transfer 2002-07-01
Walker Loan start 2002-07-01
Joey Didulica Loan start 2001-07-01 Niet duidelijk wanneer de huur precies inging, maar 20 augustus speelde hij in ieder geval al voor Germinal Beerschot
Jason Culina Loan start 2001-01-19 2001-01-19
Aaron Mokoena Loan start 2000-07-01
Players who came directly to Ajax from Germinal Beerschot
Player Type Announced Start Duration End Amount Remark
Mats Rits Transfer 2011-06-28 2011-07-01 3 2013-06-30
Toby Alderweireld Joins youth academy 2004-08-01
Yama Sharifi Transfer 2003-05-28 2003-07-01
Jan Vertonghen Joins youth academy 2003-07-01
Tom de Mul Joins youth academy 2002-07-01
Jelle van Damme Unknown 2002-01-01
Stanley Aborah Joins youth academy 2001-07-01
Thomas Vermaelen Joins youth academy 2001-07-01
Bram Verbist Transfer 2000-07-01
Players who had history with Ajax before they played at Germinal Beerschot
Daniel Cruz Jason Culina Joey Didulica Aaron Mokoena Anthony Obodai
Kwame Quansah Yama Sharifi Bram Verbist Walker
Players who before they played at Ajax had a history at Germinal Beerschot
Noah Abid Stanley Aborah Toby Alderweireld Jelle van Damme Tom de Mul
Mats Rits Yama Sharifi Bram Verbist Thomas Vermaelen Jan Vertonghen



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