Ajax - Excelsior 3 - 0 (3/8/1987)


Match Information
Competition Eredivisie
Season 1986-87
Round 23
Home Ajax
Away Excelsior
Final Score (regular time) 3 - 0
Halftime Score 0 - 0
Referees Cees Bakker
Spectators 9,862
De Meer (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Average age of starting lineup 25.01
Number of official Ajax 1 matches of starting lineup 1029


Ajax (match selection)
Player Active Position Remark
Stanley Menzo Start Keeper
Danny Blind Start Defender
Ronald Spelbos Start Defender
Frank Rijkaard Start Defender
Sonny Silooy Start Defender
Aron Winter Start Midfielder
Jan Wouters Start Midfielder
Arnold Mühren Start Midfielder
Dennis Bergkamp Start Forward
John Bosman Start Forward
John van 't Schip Start Forward
Rob Witschge Bench
Marco van Basten Bench


Ajax Minute Excelsior
Second half
Substistuted John Bosman out, in Marco van Basten 46
Goal Danny Blind, assist: Ronald Spelbos 49
Goal Marco van Basten, assist: Arnold Mühren, from corner (indirect) 51
Substistuted Arnold Mühren out, in Rob Witschge 72
Goal Aron Winter, assist: Dennis Bergkamp 83
Yellow card Jan Wouters