SC Heracles - Ajax 0 - 3 (11/8/1970)


Match Information
Competition Dutch Cup
Season 1970-71
Round 2
Home SC Heracles
Away Ajax
Final Score (regular time) 0 - 3
Halftime Score 0 - 2
Referees Jan Keizer
Spectators 18,000
Average age of starting lineup 25.36
Number of official Ajax 1 matches of starting lineup 1821


Ajax (match selection)
Player Active Position Remark
Heinz Stuy Start Keeper
Wim Suurbier Start Defender
Barry Hulshoff Start Defender
Velibor Vasović Start Defender
Ruud Krol Start Defender
Johan Neeskens Start Midfielder
Nico Rijnders Start Midfielder
Gerrie Mühren Start Midfielder
Sjaak Swart Start Forward
Johan Cruijff Start Forward
Piet Keizer Start Forward
Ruud Suurendonk Bench
Dick van Dijk Bench


SC Heracles Minute Ajax
First half
3 Goal Johan Neeskens, assist: Ruud Krol
30 Substistuted Nico Rijnders out, in Ruud Suurendonk
30 Goal (header) Johan Cruijff, assist: Gerrie Mühren
Second half
72 Substistuted Piet Keizer out, in Dick van Dijk
75 Goal Dick van Dijk




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