Ajax - De Volewijckers 2 - 4 (3/26/1950)


Match Information
Competition First Division West II
Season 1949-50
Round 18
Home Ajax
Away De Volewijckers
Final Score (regular time) 2 - 4
Halftime Score 1 - 4
De Meer (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Average age of starting lineup 25.98
Number of official Ajax 1 matches of starting lineup 970


Ajax (match selection)
Player Active Position Remark
Ad van de Pol Start Keeper
Jan Potharst Start Defender (Not confirmed)
Hans Boskamp Start Defender
Cor van der Hart Start Defender
Cor van der Hoeven Start Midfielder (Not confirmed)
Joop Stoffelen Start Midfielder
Jan Los Start Forward
Rinus Michels Start Forward
Theo Brokmann Jr. Start Forward
Gé van Dijk Start Forward (Not confirmed)
Guus Dräger Start Forward (Not confirmed)


Ajax Minute De Volewijckers
First half
Goal Rinus Michels, assist: Theo Brokmann Jr. Unknown
Own goal Cor van der Hart Unknown
Unknown Goal Klaas Bakker
Unknown Goal Advocaat
Unknown Goal Huug de Ruit
Second half
Goal Theo Brokmann Jr. Unknown