Feijenoord - Ajax 2 - 2 (10/9/1921)


Match Information
Competition First Division West
Season 1921-22
Round 4
Home Feijenoord
Away Ajax
Final Score (regular time) 2 - 2
Halftime Score 0 - 1
Referees W.S. Boas
Spectators 10,000
Kromme Zandweg (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Remark De veteraan Schoevaart speelt mee, gaan ervanuit dat het om Frans gaat. Feyenoord tekent tegen de uitslag protest aan. Het protest wordt toegekend waardoor een doelpunt (van Brokmann) niet wordt geteld. De statistieken en tussenstanden zijn inclusief het verwerkte protest.


Ajax (match selection)
Player Active Position Remark
Jan de Boer Start Keeper
Fons Pelser Start Defender (Not confirmed)
Frans Couton Start Defender
Joop Pelser Start Defender
Henk Hordijk Start Midfielder (Not confirmed)
André de Kruijff Start Midfielder (Not confirmed)
Theo Brokmann Sr. Start Forward
Frans Schoevaart Start Forward
Frans Rutte Start Forward
Ger Kooge Start Forward
Hein Delsen Start Forward
Ajax (unavailable)
Player Active Remark
Joop van Dort Does not play for unknown reas
Wim Gupffert Injured (Not confirmed)


Feijenoord Minute Ajax
First half
Unknown Goal Frans Rutte
Second half
Goal (header) Pijl, from free kick (indirect) Unknown
Unknown Sent off Joop Pelser
Missed penalty Bul Unknown
Unknown Goal Hein Delsen
Goal Formenoy Unknown



The first match between Ajax and Feyenoord had everything. Ajax was the district champion but had difficulty with its form, it only got 2 points out of the first 3 matches and didn't score a single goal. Just before the season started half of the Ajax squad threatened to start a new professional soccer club together with players from Blauw-Wit and from the two top wingers Jan de Natris and Wim Gupffert the first left for De Spartaan and the second was injured. Just before the match it was clear Van Dort would not be available so that Frans Schoevaart, who had not played any competitive match for a long time, had to play.
For Feyenoord it was the first season in the First Division and they started very well, Feyenoord was league leader at the moment Feyenoord - Ajax was played.
During the match itself Ajax quite unexpectedly scored twice at the end of the first half in which the teams were equally met, with goals by Theo Brokmann Sr. and Frans Rutte. The goal from Brokmann was a shot from distance during which the ball bounced back from the bar into the field and it was questionable whether the ball passed the line. In the second half Feyenoord got back into the game, first with a header by Pijl from a free kick. Afterwards Feyenoord got a penalty, while even Rotterdam newspapers were uncertain about why the referee gave the penalty. Ajax' captain Joop Pelser protested and was sent off. Jan de Boer stopped the penalty from Bul en with 10 man Hein Delsen even gives Ajax a 1-3 advantage. Just before the end Formenoy from Feyenoord scores the 2-3.
However the match was not over. Feyenoord made a protest against one of the goals of Ajax and the protest was approved so that the corrected final result became 2-2. This first match between Feyenoord and Ajax was already worthy of the term Klassieker.


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